Water Treatment Chemicals for Boiler, Cooling Tower, Reverse Osmosis System and Specialty Chemicals for Bottle Washing, Sterilizer and Chain Lubricant are developed and formulated by our U.S. partner, Eastern Technologies, Inc. (ETI).

CREGUARDâ Chemicals for Boiler
- Scale inhibitor for boiler system
- Corrosion inhibitor for wide range of pressure boiler system

- Corrosion inhibitor for condensate lines


CREGUARDâ Chemicals for Cooling / Chiller

- Scale and corrosion inhibitor with dispersant for cooling system
- Non-oxidizing agent for open and close system
- Biodispersant for cooling system


MEMTREATâ Chemicals for Reverse Osmosis

- Biocide for membrane system

- Antiscalant and antifoulant for membrane system

- Cleaning chemicals for membrane system

- Pretreatment chemicals for membrane system


CREGUARDâ Chemicals for Bottle Washing, Chain Lubricant and Sterilizer

- Bottle washing compound
- Chain Lubricant
- Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor (Food Grade)


CRECLEANâ Chemicals for Cleaning

- Chemicals for scale removal

- Chemicals for organic removal

- Chemicals for biofouling removal


CREAFLOCâ Chemicals for Clarification

- Flocculants


CREAPACâ Chemicals for Clarification

- Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC)

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